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Al Maktoum Bridge

The Al Maktoum Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Dubai Creek in Dubai. It was the first bridge in Dubai, opening in 1963. It enabled people to cross from Bur Dubai to Deira, or vice versa, without using a boat ferry called Abra or going all the way around Dubai Creek. To pay for the bridge, a toll was applied to vehicles crossing the creek going from Deira to Bur Dubai, there was no toll for people travelling in the other direction. Once the bridge was fully paid for in 1973, the toll was removed. With the implementation of Salik on July 1, 2007, Al Maktoum Brudge has been experiencing major traffic problems and backups.

The bridge, and roads leading to it, underwent a widening in 2007. It was widened to increase the bridge’s capacity and to ease congestion. The new lanes opened on November 9, 2007, increasing the capacity to 9500 vehicles per hour.Salik was operational on this bridge since 8th September 2008. http://wikimapia.org/3374687/Al-Maktoum-Bridge


Date Taken – 19 August 2011, Friday, 0900h

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