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Al Muteena Street

Let us Stroll in the green shades of Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai.

Al Muteena  is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in eastern Dubai, in the heart of Deira. Al Muteena is bordered in the north by Al Baraha, in the south by Al Muraqqabat, in the west by Naif and in the east by Hor Al Anz.

The routes Al Mac tomb Road,  Omar bin Al Khattab Road, Abu Backer Al Seed dick Road and Al Rasheed Road form a periphery around the locality. Al Muteena Street divides roughly into equal subcommunities. Al Muteena is largely residential, however, important hotels and restaurants are also located in the community.

Local streets in Al Muteena are numbered even, if they run east-west, or odd, if they run north-south. Odd numbered streets run from 1st Street through 37th Street, while even-numbered streets run from 2nd A Street to 30th Street near Renaissance Hotel.

Important landmarks in Al Muteena include Sheraton Deira, Renaissance Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel, Dubai Palm Hotel, Al Farooj Fresh an Emirates based chicken fast food chain owned by Al Islami Food Group that offers charcoal grilled chicken and shawarma sandwiches.and the consulate of Bangladesh. Fish Roundabout form the north- and southwestern most sections of Al Muteena. Also you could find Lulu Supermarket near the intersection of Al Muteena and Abu Backer Al Seed dick.

Iranian restaurants, Lebanese sweets shops, and hosts of Indian eateries can be found in the area. West Zone Supermarket is also situated along the 1.3 kilometer stretch of Al Muteena Road. But what is awesome to see in the locality is the big center island cum park sprawling with palmetto trees and benches which could be the sitting and resting area of its residents and visitors.


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