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Al Shindagha Tunnel


AL SHINDAGHA TUNNEL is a tunnel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It goes under Dubai Creek to connect the neighborhoods of Deira and Burdubai. It is the only underwater crossing by foot at Dubai Creek.

The Al Shindagha Pedestrian Tunnel serves as an easy and free access between the localities and residents of Al Shindagha in Burdubai and Gold Souq areas in Deira.  The distance between the two points is approximately 705 meters or 2314 feet. It is a well-lit underpass fully painted in canary yellow, well ventilated though its more 10 feet under the ground, very clean and safe, is an alternative route taken by foot from Heritage Village to Gold Souq and vice versa. Nothing on wheels is allowed to traverse the pedestrian tunnel including bicycle.

The creek was first dredged in 1961 to permit 7 feet (2.1 m) draft vessels to cross through the creek at all times. Then it was dredged again in the 70’s so that it could offer anchorage for local and coastal shipping. In 1975, the construction for the pedestrian tunnel and transportation tunnel started.

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