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Old Souq, Burdubai

Burdubai old souq in Dubai is probably the best bargain district in Dubai, it is an Arabic inspired market-theme and had wooden decorated entrance to the covered shopping area.

It is situated near along the creek and being regarded now as “a must to visit tourist destination”.  Shops are mostly owned by Indian Traders, but Iranian businessmen are also present.  Notably the location can be dubbed as garment capital in Dubai, there are actually two main textile shops in Bur Dubai Souks and these are Meena Bazar and Rivolibut.

The area is best known for its stunning array of fabrics from the Indian subcontinent or a good range of textile shops in a single area. It’s a good place to pick up material for your suit, shirt or skirt.

Since the Old Souq is closer to two (2) abra stations ferrying passengers to and fro, the souq is undoubtedly one of the many tourist attractions in Dubai.

Oyesan Dino Magkasi

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